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SWF Home Inspections Platinum Roof Protection Plan

SWF Home Inspections – Our Platinum Roof Protection Plan covers your home for a period of 5 years from the date of your inspection against new leaks. If any new leaks are found that weren’t present at the time of your inspection, after deductible, repairs costs are covered up to $3,000!www.SWFHI.com 941-493-4334

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how to identify load bearing walls when remodeling

If you plan on doing any renovations this Summer that involve walls in your home, you need to be able to identify whether you’re dealing with load-bearing walls or not. For new home owners, this guide is a simple but thorough explanation of what you need to look out for: http://ow.ly/TVz630kkl0T www.SWFHI.com 941-493-4334

Shannon from http://www.house-improvements.comshows you how to identify if a wall in your house is…

Does your home inspector have a different opinion then the contractor you hired?

It happens all the time…your home inspector has a different opinion than the contractor you hired to resolve the issue. What do you do in this situation? SWF Home Inspections has suggestions on how to resolve the issue: http://ow.ly/pe5b30iVlui www.SWFHI.com 941-493-4334

bathroom tips & tricks

If you were hoping to renovate your bathroom in 2018, this checklist of bathroom tips & tricks will make sure you get the most gorgeous designs while also improving the resale value of your home: http://ow.ly/daSr30j7zFIwww.SWFHI.com 941-493-4334

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disaster bathroom is transformed with inexpensive and easy design techniques

A house with potential can always be turned into a home. This disaster bathroom is transformed with inexpensive and easy design techniques you could try in your own home! http://ow.ly/Ks3A30hkcgE
www.SWFHI.com 941-493-4334

Erika goes at her upstairs bath… all by herself. What does this…
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