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Monday Morning Motivator! Set Your Goals…

Monday Morning Motivator!
Set Your Goals…
“You’ll never get ahead of anyone as long as you try to get even with him.”
~Lou Holtz~

The goal is not the goal line, it’s always beyond the goal line!

Bob Massanova

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Why you’re receiving this message…. While attending a conference it occurred to me that one of the most important, most beneficial reasons I attend these is the inspiration I get from people just like me who are working hard every day to build a better reality. It also occurred to me that we all could really use a little inspiration on a regular basis.
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Bob Massanova
General Manager
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Alternative Uses for Steel Wool

Today’s Tip: Alternative Uses for Steel Wool

If a screw is too loose, stuff some steel wool into the hole and then replace the screw. The steel wool will give the screw threads a new surface to grip and the screw will stay nice and tight.

Push steel wool into gaps around the foundation of your house, and around pipes and vents. Critters like mice and squirrels can’t chew through the steel wool so it will keep them outside where they belong.

Steel wool is also perfect for removing the gloss layer from paint and stain finishes when you want to prime, so you don’t need to sand the entire piece.